Project Year
Project Name
Artique Revitalize 2
Gold Coast


If we've done it before, we can do it again. Similar to the revitalization project at 1706, the Black Diamond projects team was engaged early 2023 with a task to refresh a well loved and highly trafficked apartment unit at Artique Resort on the Gold Coast. The clients were looking to update surfaces and finishes in the unit, with a focus on economical efficiency in defining the project scope. The goal was to introduce modern finishes, timeless materials and modern fixtures where most effective. Our team was engaged from the early stages, where we advised on what was possible, and what should be done in order to optimize the project with respect to client requirements. Black Diamond projects provided a complete botique design package for our client, inclusive of drawing packages, finishes and fixture selections, and sample provisions all throughout the process. 

Work began on the unit in early May, and constituted a rip-out and replace of all joinery, and most floors within the unit over an 8-week time period. The overall scope included custom kitchen joinery, new tiled floors with upgraded acoustic underlay, feature tiled walls, custom vanities, and new panel-door finishes to match all other elements. 

Apartment units don't always need to involve complete top-to-bottom renovations, and economy of projects is always something that Black Diamond Projects has in mind when assisting our clients. The unit is well enjoyed by the client, but may also be somewhere you'd like to stay next time you're on the Gold Coast. See Artique Resort for the holiday availability of unit 1603!

  • Complete Design Package and Custom Joinery

  • Rip-out and replace of the entirety of Apartment unitrds

  • Project management across all works, and coordination with Body Corporate.